Kids! Adults! Pets! We do all the PARTIES! 

Okay okay….most of the parties. We do like unusual theme parties. Look through our suggestions and see if anything piques your interest. Banana Party? Perhaps throwing your new pet a baby shower? Most everyone can put together a basic “order from Amazon pre-package” party frocked with standard issue items. We have all been to the Spiderman or princess party a dozen times but what about something unique and off the charts? Something that people will remember as an event they have never been to before. WE CAN do that. We can even do adult themed bachelorette parties! Just send us a message and we are happy to share *those photos* as well. Need special costumed host to do a craft with the kiddo’s? Done! 

Puppet Party

Puppets are fun for young and old alike. How about a puppet party? Either for play and we bring all the puppets or a craft birthday party. You chose! We have kits to make and take and will bring the small stage for kids to try their new creations out!
Hold a class, pour wine or have snacks for kids and call it a PARTY! Why not? You can literally turn anything into a party. Look at our craft classes, select one and we bring it to YOU! Base price for all events in $150 and you build from there. Includes supplies and all the tools you need to craft with. We can build kits or have instructor onsite.
Find a reason to celebrate. We threw a hedgehog a baby shower. Sooooo silly but super duper fun! Create your own, add all the things you want. All party packages START at $150 unless you are just looking for a rental.
The best right? Who does that? No one. So for the bad news…the state of Wa. does not allow real monkeys at parties. No matter. We can fake it with puppets! Look at our décor packages and add-on items you want!  Also…there is a monkey on our pink party van! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!
We don’t think anything is more Joyous than bubbles. That is why our Party Van is covered with them. We have everything you need to throw a fantastic bubble party. Wands, foam machine, various sizes of professional bubble machines. A two hour session starts at only $150 and goes up from there.