EXAMPLE: {We will email this to you once date and details have been discussed}

Contract for CreateJoy llc



Event for: ________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________

Location: _________________________________________

Details of location: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Plans/package/Theme ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Rentals: ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Arrival time: _____________________________________

Pick-up _________________________________________

Customer responsibilities: Have area clean and prepped for event. CreateJoy llc will not mover furniture nor set up in area that needs to be altered, mopped or vacuumed. Please let us know of any pets or covid requirements/illness’s/disabilities PRIOR to us showing up! {please read our Q&A page on website for further clarification. We do have indoor smoking policy for events}


CreateJoy LLC responsibilities: We will provide above decorations in accordance to written emails/texts prior. All equipment will be clean, working properly and safe. CreateJoy is an LLC so any tampering with equipment to make items at risk to customers guests will be solely the responsibility of customer. This covers props, electrical, machines and other items used in creating festive experience. Please sign/date here upon agreement: ____________________________________

50% down to secure the date and 50% upon completion and pick up of undamaged items. Customer’s total for this event: ____________  tax: ____________

In the case of emergency you may cancel event and reschedule for another mutually agreed upon time. Once the 50% deposit has been paid and items for your event have been purchased there is no refund. Preplanning is key to successful event. Refunds for deposit are only allowed if there is a 7 day notice and NO supplies have been purchased. Thank you! We strive to make your event full of joy and happy memories!

Customer sign/date: _______________________________________________________________________________

Cash/credit card/Venmo and PayPal accepted. 😊