Events of all sorts!

What was one of your favorite events that you attended? The first thing that pops into my mind was a golden green ball. I was just a 6 yr. old child but I remember walking into the gym and the entire space had been transformed into a magical dance hall complete with streamers and netting. There were twinkling lights hanging everywhere. I wish I could go back in time and see what was done that left such an impression and why I have carried that memory for so long. Events are markers of time in our lives. They hold a capsule of time that we never forget. Create Joy llc can do that for you and the ones you hold dear. Big or small, simple or elaborate all can be done and if we cannot do it for you? We can direct you to people who can surely help. What is most important to us is helping you harness those unforgettable moments in life. 

Party Van

We can roll right up to your street and throw a PARTY! This is our multi functional event van designed specifically for you in mind! We carry fun merchandise for purchase as well. We have a pop-up tent, seating and tables. Look in our add-on section and create your own event.
Large group? Big family get together? Friends or neighbors? We can decorate for that as well. Indoor, outdoor and spaces you rent. Price varies dependent on what you would like.
Need assist with parade float décor? We got you covered for small transport vehicles and pull alongs. Rate is $25 per hour design team plus supplies, labor
Are you a producer in charge of big staged event? We can help decorate your performance stage. Basic package STARTS at $150
Add a snowcone machine to your event whether is be for a fund raiser, party or neighborhood event. Hire us for entire event or just rent machine and do it yourself. {some operation restrictions may apply}
We can set up decorative tents for adult and kids parties. Prices range quite a bit depending on what your needs are. balloons, streamers, paper flowers can all be added in your color selection